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      Wuhan Guoying Co., Ltd is a high-tech agricultural enterprise integrated with R & D, production, processing, marketing and technical service, which was set up by Shenzhen Jundacheng Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd allying with a group of experienced and investment capable investors in capital markets and industrial community. The headquarters (include research & development centers, processing workshops and cold storage warehouses) is  located in Wuhu National Farm of Wuhan, cover an area of 3.34 hectares, and a total construction area is nearly 30,000 square meters.


      Professor ZHU Yingguo, dean of life sciences institution in Wuhan University, is taken as the chief science in Wuhan Guoying Seed Co., Ltd. One of his findings -- Honglian type hybrid rice is an outstanding achievement in the breeding field, thus the Hubei governor gave his greatest support and closest attention to the company. Mr. YU Zhengsheng, now the standing member of political bureau of the CPC central committee, chairman of CPPCC, the former secretary of Hubei Province Party Committee, ordered that a high priority should be given to the development of Honglian type hybrid rice. Accordingly, a promotion team has been set up by Hubei provincial government which is currently headed by the Deputy Governor who is in charge of the agriculture sector to accelerate the development of Honglian Type Hybrid Rice. In July of 2013 President XI Jinping visited our Ezhou Rice Research Base, met academician ZHU Yingguos R & D team and inspected the research achievements of Honglian type hybrid rice. He pointed out that food security should always rely on our own expert and technology.


      Wuhan Guoying seed Co., Led is mainly committed to the development of high-yielding hybrid rice but also integrated with hybrid rape seed and  hybrid cotton seed, through getting university wisdom together, integrating social resources, applying market mechanism, strengthening innovation & quality management and completing marketing & technical service system to make a classical case called integration & industrialization way of Government, Production,Learning and Research.


      We build the modern enterprises operating mechanism of clear division of property rights, well-defined responsibility and power, scientific management and regular operation. We commit to business conception of integrity, innovation, cooperation and mutual benefit.

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