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    1. Indonesian Market

       According to statistics, the per unit yield of Honglian type hybrid rice in most rice-production areas of Indonesia is general 15% ~ 20% higher than the local varieties in recent years, especially in KUNI, the yield has been up to 17.4 tons/hectare. Due to the outstanding performance of Honglian type hybrid rice seed from our company in 2012, and then they renewed the import contract. At present, we are planning to negotiate with Indonesian authorities to establish Honglian type hybrid rice research and development center, make our R & D localization, so as to further integrate into the local market.

      Vietnamese Market

       In 2012, we exported 300 tons of Honglian type hybrid rice to Vietnamese market. In recent years, we are actively committed to registration of new varieties in Vietnamese market, and seek close cooperation with local companies for striving to achieve the localization of production of products R & D and promotion in Vietnamese market.

      Pakistani Market

       We have send our seeds to areas such as Hyderabad in Sindh and Multan, Faisalabad and Lahore in Punjab for large-scale trial planting, and the performance are comparatively very good. On the basis of the above, we are pushing forward to registry new varieties in Pakistani market and seek close cooperation with local companies for striving to achieve the localization of products R & D and promotion.

      African Market

       Luoyou No.10, the Honglian type hybrid rice variety now is planted very well in Cameroon, West African, and the average yield per hectare is almost 10 tons, more than 2 times as much as the yield of local varieties. Based on this, in order to make out contribution to solve the crisis of food shortage of Africa, we are planning to expand African market from Cameroon to other main rice producing areas of Africa,such as Nigeria, and this strategy will also create good economic benefits for our own.

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